Avoid The Burden of Medical Debt!

Compassion Primary Care, is a direct primary care clinic, serving the Tampa Bay Area. Our mission is to provide convenient, cost effective, quality care to those 18 years and older by focusing on health promotion, disease prevention, chronic disease management and putting patients first. The direct primary care model provides increased access to clinicians and personalized care. Combining a health cost sharing program with Compassion Primary Care provides individuals, families and small businesses with the health coverage needed to meet their needs at a fraction of the cost incurred with traditional insurance.
  • Benefit: Direct Primary Care, Medical Cost Sharing, Telehealth, Navigation Help, Cost & Quality Shopping, Care connect
  • Feature: Connected Direct Primary Care, Pharmacy Benefit Plan, Personal Medical Records Vault, QR Life Code, Life Care (EAP/MAP), Healthcare Discounts
  •  Monthly Contribution:
Individual DPC
Requires a verifiable Direct Primary Care (DPC) relationship with sharing for large preventive expenses and catastrophic needs.
  • Connected Direct Primary Care: Offered exclusively through your Direct Primary Care Practice.

1 outside Visit (Available immediately-Up to $250)
Childhood Immunizations - Ages 0-16*
Screening Mammography or Thermography after age 40*
Screening Colonoscopy after age 50* 
*After 6 months of membership

 This is NOT health insurance

Get access to health care providers
from anywhere at anytime!
In-person follow-up 
not directed to ER
Encounters resolved on platform


Karen Torsoe | (845) 641-9123 | thehealthsharelady@icloud.comKaren Torsoe | (845) 641-9123 | thehealthsharelady@icloud.com

We request your information to assist you with a healthy care strategy only. We will not use or sell your information for other marketing purposes.

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