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Dr. Michael Sanders
Face Value Health DPC PLLC
“I have always believed we could do a better job helping our patients achieve their health goals. In contrast to the status quo, direct primary care incentivizes a true partnership between the doctor and patient that allows the appropriate time and access to create the engagement and trust that are vital to success. I was just as excited to discover the Health Excellence Plus (HEP) DPC program which shares my personal values with the patient's best interests in mind. They understand that good health begins with wise choices based on a foundation of knowledge. I am proud to affiliate with HEP DPC to provide you with access to their library of health resources and tools to enhance your overall well being."
Health Excellence Plus™ is an innovative layering of healthcare services coordinated across the three components of care, Self-Care, Physician-Care and Community-Care, that costs up to 50% less than traditional health insurance.
To access Health Excellence Plus™, Individuals and Families must be a part of the MPowering Benefits Association. The cost to join the Association is a $100 set up fee and a $25 annual membership fee.
As a special benefit for Members of the 
Face Value Health DPC
Dr. Michael Sanders has waived your $100 setup charge.
For Physician-Care, you've made the right choice in selecting your Direct Primary Care Physician. 
Now, enhance your DPC experience with the components to fill the gaps of Healthcare beyond the scope of Primary Care.
1. Self-Care: My Academy of Health Excellence provides the wellness tools, technology and education to gain and maintain health in order to AVOID medical costs.
2. Community-Care: Sedera's Medical Cost Sharing arranges for the funds to pay healthcare expenses not covered by your Direct Primary Care program.
The cost of an average family insurance policy for a primary member 45 years old with a $5000.00 deductible is $1450.00 per month. A Health Excellence Plus $500.00 I.U.A.* Healthy Care Strategy is $783.00 per month.
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To access Health Excellence Plus™ Individuals and Families must be a part of the MPowering Benefits Association. An Association of Health Focused Individuals.
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