OUR Primary docs offer $0 co-pay for Preventive & primary care services provided in-office.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative, membership based payment model that significantly increases access and time spent with your chosen healthcare professional. No fee-for-service payments. The defining element of a DPC practice is with the ongoing, trusted relationship between patient and his or her primary care provider.

Sample Care Management • $0 Co-pay

Annual Physicals
Well Child Exams
Chronic Disease Management
Smoking Cessation
Skin biopsy & laceration Care
School & Sports Physicals
Wellness & Preventive Planning
Hospital Care Coordination
Specialist Care Coordination
Pulse Oximetry
Strep Throat Screening
Nutritional counseling
Weight management
Wellness coaching
Joint and other injections
Spirometry and other testing


As easy as texting a friend, members may access our multi-specialty, licensed physicians (not a bot) on their own time, whenever and wherever. Through a convenient web and mobile experience, members are free to text directly with our providers to get the answers they need, including access to additional support.

  Behavioral Health

Integrated behavioral model using a team of multi-specialty clinicians to assess, diagnosis, treat, or coordinate a referral. Using evidence-based best practices to implement measurement-guided care plans for both medication  
management and evidence-based therapy for the now issues.
Less than 1 minute to connect
with a board-certified physician
Text, call, or video chat via
phone or web
Board-certified licensed care in
all 50 states
Telehealth coordinated with
Direct Primary Care
Integrating a multispecialty
care team of primary care
specialists, therapy, and
Providing on-going access to
care or relapse concerns.
• Psychosocial and medication

An organized way to share in one another's medical burden

Medical Cost Sharing consists of a large community of health-conscious individuals. 
Who Voluntarily contribute a monthly share amount towards each other’s healthcare expenses. 
  • Everyone Accepted: We do not decline anyone for prior medical conditions or religious beliefs.
  • Shared Medical Costs: We share each others medical costs as a community of like minded individuals.
  • Healthy Living: We process medical needs quickly for our members, within weeks not months.
  • ​Gain Freedom: Our members can work with any provider without network restrictions.
  • No Annual Caps: Our sharing program does not have annual or lifetime caps on your need
  • Worldwide: Share in a medical costs when on a vacation or serving a mission outside the
  • USA.
Three Simple Responsibility Options:
The Initial Unshareable Amount(IUA) is the personal responsibility of the member for their medical needs. All qualified medical expenses after the IUA is met are shareable with the Medical Cost Sharing community. The higher IUA youchoose, the lower your monthly contribution.
$1,000 IUA 
$2,500 IUA 
$5,000 IUA

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• Community of like-minded members sharing medical expenses.
• Low monthly amount and total financial
• Sharing is Need based not an annual
• Initial Unshareable Amounts ($1,000,
$2,500, $5,000).
• Member responsibility includes being health focused.
• Two year lookback for pre-existing
A team of dedicated agents that will help members navigate the healthcare system and receive the best care possible. The Concierge is focused on supporting and guiding you every step of the way through your healthcare journey.
Our Concierge Team guides you in navigating any health care need such as: providers, medical facilities, medications, labs and behavioral healthcare.
Shop for high quality affordable healthcare, compare price ranges and view quality ratings for doctors and hospitals.
Care Connect delivers next-generation healthcare transparency to members by identifying and partnering with the highest quality providers and negotiating a single bundled payment for surgical cases over $5k.
Our Concierge will search to find the best possible pricing for your medications at a pharmacy near you. Use our sources for high-cost prescriptions and maintenance medications.
• We enter your prescription information into our search engine and give you a list of your local pharmacies with the cost of your prescription at each location.

• Look through your list of options and decide which is the best pharmacy for you.

• Keep a full history of your prescriptions, so you can see what medication you have taken, and when.
• Access to any and all Manufacturer Savings Programs, Patient Assistance Programs and other savings and discounts offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

• For more expensive medications we have resources who can get medications from overseas to our members at a better cost. They help with high-cost maintenance meds like insulin, medicated creams, and asthma
• Support - Confidence to know that
you are never alone
• Provides logistic navigation of
medical needs
• Access via (800) 519-2969 or
secure chat
• OPD Provider connects with
Concierge for coordination of care
• Price comparison for services which
eliminates any surprises
• Care Connect for negotiation of
pre-paid large expense surgical
This program provides members with a way to find help for dealing with personal and work-related issues. Without this help, these issues could decrease members’ quality of life, interfere with job performance, reduce profits and decrease the organization’s productivity.
  • Grief & Loss
  • Parenting Support
  • ​Teen Counseling
  • ​Codependency Therapy

Key Features

  • Nationwide provider network with thousands of clinicians
  • ​Dedicated client solution specialist
  • ​On-site services
  • ​24/7/365 Availability

Services Include

  • Counseling: Live interactive, HIPAA compliant, virtual, face to face, telephonic.
  • Personal Navigation: In all areas of work/life convenience (child/eldercare, housing assistance, local community-based resources, etc.)
  • Elder Care and Financial: Telephonic consulting, tailored eldercare counseling & resources, plus financial wellness counseling provided by experts in their field.
  • ​Online Training Library: Thousands of virtual work/life trainings & ability to track progress
  • Access to COMPASS: Advanced HR support & assistance in professional development



Secure & Accessible emergency Profile & Personal Health Records

Members can grant access to their Electronic Medical Records to practitioners, providers, facilities, etc. providing continuity of care. Health Tracking provides family members and caregivers the ability to record vital health observations easily and privately.


The Personal Medical Record Vault provides members with secure emergency personal medical profiles & five digit LifeCode IDs. Members can access and safely share their medical records, track health conditions, and get better healthcare solutions


Access to more than 35,000 providers, discounts & more than 35 complementary & alternative medicine specialties

Web portal allows members to print their discount coupons directly without having to wait for an authorization or benefit approval.
Discounts may include: 
• Mind & Body: Acupuncture, Chiropractic, massage therapy, natural healing, physical & occupational therapy and relaxation
• Movement: Accessories & equipment, personal training, pilates, tai chi & Qi Gong & yoga
• Nutrition: diet & nutrition, food, vitamins & prescriptions, & weight management
• Lifestyle: Dental, hearing & vision, gifts & special occasions, relaxation & others